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Dollar a Day Insurance Dirus NJ

Curious about dollar-a-day insurance?  Dirus Inc. is becoming a provider for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIP), which provides limited auto insurance coverage for Federal Medicaid with hospitalization.   For a dollar a day, eligible drivers who might otherwise be unable to pay for insurance can get coverage.  In fact, if you pay in a lump sum, you can actually get $5 off of your total and pay less than a dollar-a-day.

Are you wondering what you get for a dollar a day?  Unfortunately, not much.  The policy does cover health care costs, but those costs might already be covered under your Medicaid policy.  It can provide a death benefit for your survivors, which, at $10,000.00, should be enough to cover funeral expenses, but, unless the insured dies, the monetary protections are pretty limited.  However, it does satisfy the state of New Jersey’s requirement that you have insurance.

What don’t you get for a dollar a day? Well, as you might imagine, you do not get a lot of protection for that amount.  The biggest thing you are missing is liability coverage; if you get in a wreck with another driver, you are going to be personally responsible for the damages.  You all will not get any coverage for your vehicle.

With so little coverage, why would someone choose this option?  The main reason people choose SAIP insurance is just so that it can be legal for them to drive.  We are happy to serve our customers who need this option, but also eager to help our customers explore other options, that, though they might be a bit more expensive, offer a lot more protection.

To find out more about Dollar-a-Day-Auto-Insurance and alternative affordable insurance programs, contact DIRUS Inc. today to ask about the SAIP program.

Often Dirus is able to offer affordable alternative to this program, as we do not recommend anyone to use this coverage option unless absolutely necessary. We are here to help!! If the Dollar a Day is the best route for you, we will happily put you with that program. We have 3 options to make it as easy for you as possible. We even offer a roadside assistance included option.

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