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Life Insurance

If you have a family, or people depending on you, you constantly worry about their well-being. Your death can have a devastating financial impact on your dependents. To have peace of mind, it's advisable to protect them with life insurance which will help ease financial burden in the hard period. At Dirus Inc. in New Jersey, we offer different types of life insurance. The following are some of life insurance policies we offer.

Whole life insurance

This provides permanent protection as well as an investment component. It requires the policyholder to pay premium throughout their life. It has level premiums and part accrues as cash value. One can ask for a loan from his/her cash value. The loan is tax-free.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is valid for a specific period of time. At the end of each term, it can be renewed. There are two types of term insurance; decreasing term insurance where death benefits decrease annually premiums remain the same while in level term insurance death benefits and premiums remain the same.

Universal life insurance

It's similar to whole life insurance but flexible. In this policy, premiums can be decreased, increased, deferred or, the cash value withdrawn. Its cash value is also tax-free.

Variable life insurance

This policy offers you with a constant premium that can be invested in stocks, money based investments or bonds. The performance of the investments you choose affects both the cash value and death benefits.

When purchasing life insurance, it's wise to approach a reputable independent insurance agency with experienced agents. At Dirus Inc. in New Jersey, we will help you understand different forms of life insurance to help you acquire one that fits your lifestyle. Our agents are experienced with excellent customer care skills. Call or visit our offices in New Jersey and it will be our pleasure to serve you. We care about our clients loved ones.

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