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Motorcycle Insurance

To operate a motorcycle legally in New Jersey, you are required to offer proof of financial responsibility in case of an accident. For most riders, compliance is shown in the form of motorcycle insurance. Note that the requirements for New Jersey's motorcycle insurance are not the same for car insurance.

Two-wheeled vehicles defined

A motorcycle is a term that is used to define motorbikes, motorcycles, bicycles that have an attached motor or any kind of vehicle, tricycle, or bicycle that has a seat or saddle for a driver to sit upon or astride where the driver stands.

Motorcycle insurance requirements

To register a motorcycle in New Jersey, you need to have a valid liability insurance that covers costs that are related to injuries to persons or damages to properties owned by others in case you cause an accident. Insurers like Dirus Inc. in New Jersey can help you know the set minimum coverage limits as required by the state. Such limits may, however, not offer adequate financial protection. So, consider asking your insurance agent for higher limits.

Optional Coverages

As you shop and compare motorcycle insurance costs, you will realize that by meeting the state requirements, you should note that it only covers other people's injuries or property damage. The bike's damages and the injuries you suffer after the accident will not be covered by the motorcycle insurance. However, there are optional coverages that can help with such costs. As you decide on your motorcycle insurance, consider asking your insurer about common optional coverages like:

  • Comprehensive - Covers repairs for damages that are not caused by an accident.
  • Collision - Repairs the motorcycle after the accident.
  • Medical payments - Covers medical costs when you are hurt in an accident.
  • Labor and towing - Covers costs for emergency roadside assistance, including towing in case the motorcycle breaks down.

If you need a motorcycle insurance plan, contact Dirus Inc. in New Jersey for more information.

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